Must Visit Tourist Spots in Cebu

Many people who travel to the Philippines head for the city of Manila straight away, not knowing that there’s an alternative city that’s far less busy, far less crowded, and far more attractive—at least for some. You can enjoy the most verdant landscapes and the most turquoise waters in Cebu City, another vibrant location south of Manila. Cebu caters to every single kind of traveler, so if you’re looking to do something different in the Philippines, head on over to this stunning destination to make the most out of your trip. In no particular order, here are the must-visit tourist spots in Cebu you absolutely must not miss.


  1. Malapascua

Far less developed than the island’s biggest draw in Boracay Beach, Malapascua is the place to go if you want to visit a place that’s will take you to be one with nature. Malapascua is a name derived from the Spaniards who arrived there in the 16th century. Diving and snorkeling are some of the best things you can do in the island, especially if you’re out to see some Thresher sharks. Take a small boat, or banka, to navigate around the whole island and find yourself in relaxation mode like no other.


  1. Osmena Peak and Sirao Peak


If you want a different view other than the blue waters, head up to Osmena Peak to go camping in the mountains. This is an easy climb, so every traveler will be able to handle it with no issues. If you want a more challenging climb, you’ll also get better rewards. Climb the Sirao Peak, which is just 20 minutes from the city, and you’ll find yourself in a steeper climb—but with benefits. You’ll come across Kabang Falls, where you can take a quick dip before you camp for the night.


  1. Kawasan Falls


For just some waterfalls action, visit the world-famous Kawasan Falls to get a chance to jump into the bluest waters. You’ll have to climb up to the falls, which in itself is an amazing experience.


  1. Simala Shrine


To immerse yourself in something more solemn, visit the Simala Shrine to experience the Philippines’ devotion to the Virgin Mary. It’s a great place to refresh spiritually; otherwise, it’s just a nice visit to something completely different.


  1. Jesuit House


There’s no more to this place apart from the fact that it’s really old (1730) and quite historical. That’s more than enough to take a pit stop in this place, so you’ll realize just how historic Cebu truly is. You can learn about the beautiful history of Cebu just by stepping into this tiny house alone.


  1. Magellan’s Cross


Remember Ferdinand Magellan? The cross here was the same one commissioned to him by the Portuguese to commemorate their arrival in Cebu. This was also the place where the famous explorer died. It’s an important place in history and one that must be visited.


  1. Fort San Pedro


This fort dates back to 1565 and was built as a defensive force to protect the city from Muslim invaders. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you go to this fort, and it’s one visit that you’ll never regret doing. You’ll get a nasty sunburn if you visit during the summer, check out our article on how to make legs whitening home remedies.